Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Knob

As I mentioned in my last post, we were camping this past week. We went up to Granddaddy's
knob. It's a 400 acre farm about a half an hour away from us. We stayed for three nights. We had planned to stay longer but rain drove us out.

The place we camped is about 3/4 a mile to a mile up the mountain. There is an old cabin near the top. It was built right after the civil war. I think I have this right. John Wilfong, my great-great-great-great grandfather built it.

The cabin.

We stored our food, chairs, plates, skillets and other such related items inside it.We had to do some serious cleaning before we could really feel comfortable staying in there, though. The place is over run with mice. That is one reason we didn't sleep in the cabin, also, Mama saw a black snake go under the floor and none of us wanted to share a house with him. We put our tents out side and Daddy weedeated( or is it weedate?) a place for our fire pit and around the tents.

After setting up we spent some time cleaning out culverts and ditches and pruning trees in the road.

Of course after doing road work the first thing you want to do is swim. Or you think you do. I'd say some of you know that the only place near enough to swim in is Spring Creek. To those of you don't know about Spring Creek, it's claim to fame is that it feels like 0 degrees in August. Can you imagine it in May?

We got in anyway. It was a long, cold walk back to the tents.

Sunday morning we had our own church at the top of the mountain. The tree below is at the very top. This Queen of the Mountain is a hawthorn.

Then we hiked until lunch. We found several Flame azaleas on our hike. They were really pretty. We saw a silly doe in the woods. She didn't look scared of us at all but Honey got her moving.

That afternoon we swam and sat around.

We hiked Monday and than it started to rain. It didn't quit so we packed up and left yesterday. Mine and Katie's tent was already soaked. It is awful to sleep in a wet bed.
Tom's Run. Another creek.

This an absolutely gorgeous waterfall. It was huge.

Rocks. We were climbing around on them when Daddy told us to watch for rattle snakes. I got down.

Nathan up a tree.

A view from the knob.

Ben about to climb.

Some cool rock formations.
We walked a lot and I'd say all of us kids are in shape for camp in a couple weeks.-Hannah

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