Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Other matters

Ben got his cast off last week. He is a very happy boy. However, he got a horrible sunburn where the cast had been, last Sunday at our game.

I guess Katie gave you the full download on soccer. We play tonight and hope to win.

Daddy dried the cow off and she should have a calf next month. About the same time we're at camp.

Two of our other cows had calves in the past weeks. I didn't say anything because I hoped to get pictures of them, but cows hide their calves after they're born and I haven't seen them yet. We are supposed to have three calves born this year so we are naming them after the Three Stooges. So far Larry and Moe have made an appearance. As mentioned before, Curly is coming.

The blueberries are starting to set. We still have some bloom, but small green berries are taking their place. And soon they'll start to swell and turn pink. And then red, and purple, and finally blue. Summer can't get here fast enough.-Hannah

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