Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What my Life Revolves Around

Can any body guess what I say that is?(the title) SOCCER, SOCCER, SOCCER, & MORE SOCCER!!!!! Oh, yeah, did I mention soccer?
No, I'm not kidding. Fri. we played a game & tied.(it was cut short because of a thunder storm.) Then on Sat. we were supposed to play 2 games, but they were cancelled 'cause of flooding. Then Sun. , Mother's Day , we drove an hour to play a traveling all boys team who had not been beat or even scored on this season , & would you believe it? We won!
During the game, while running up on a Kick Off, I got slammed in the face by the ball, it shoved my glasses into my face, so I have a beautiful black eye, not particularly noticable, just sore. We won 2-1, both our shots were Penalty Kicks. After the game Hannah &I made Mamma supper.
Monday we had another game, lost 4-0. We have another game tonight.

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