Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Of Peeling Potatoes and Soccer

We've had a busy last few days. Saturday we had our soccer tournements. Ben and Nathan had a game at 8:15. We had to leave the house at 7:30 to get there. And on a Saturday too. They won that game 4-2. Then at 10:30 Katie and I played. We won 4-0. A very fun game. At 11: 45 the boys played again. They won 5-2. We played the last game at 3:00. We lost 2-0, but it was an all boys team, so that's our excuse. The only problem with that excuse is that we beat them a couple weeks ago. At one of our games there was a man taking action pictures of the game. If you would like to see them the address is They are very good. Katie is number 96 and with the long hair. Ben played for us that game and is 53. I didn't play 'cause my foot was hurt so don't look for me.

Sunday morning our youth group hosted a pancake breakfast for the church. We are sponsoring a boy in Zimbabwe and we did the breakfast as a fund raiser. It was a lot of fun. I don't think you know people very well until you're up with them at 7:00 in the morning peeling potatoes. The boys in particular were hilarious to watch.

Sunday evening Mama left for Virginia. She is taking a class on teaching for a program she is thinking of starting. She will be back tonight and leaves for a differnt class tomorrow.

This is our last week of soccer. We have a game tonight.

Daddy brought the sheep home yesterday. they were at another farm. I love watching the lambs.Adios!-Hannah

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