Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Last Saturday we went over to a friends house to make applebutter, which is delicious, by the way.

Nathan is playng in the fire. Who would have guessed it?

Basically, you start a fire and put MANY gallons of unsweetened applesauce over it.

And then you stir it. And stir it. And stir it. For about 8 hours. Fun, right? But it is really, because you're there with your friends and you can talk or, if your lucky, you can let someone else stir and then you get to run around other places. =)

More of it cooking.

And then, when it's all done, you pour BAGS AND BAGS of redhots in it for cinnamon, which is yummifying.

And then it all turns red like this and you add sugar to taste. Voila!

Besides applebutter we have been into lots of school and soccer. This morning I took the PSAT, oh my. We'll see how that turns out in December!

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