Monday, June 14, 2010

Many Meetings

Happy summer everybody! We've had lots of things going on lately. Most recently we went with Grandmother to Nashville to visit Mama's sister and her family. Somehow we managed to get back with only one picture that I could find. Lettie is on top of the pyramid and below her is Ben( with no hands!?) and Nathan. Then Katie, Justin, and I. James is in the middle of a baseball game, which he won. We spent most of the time swimming and had a blast.

Before that we went camping with Daddy's brothers. Uncle Mark's baby girl, the adorably cute Grace found something funny and nearly rolled out of the chair.


Katie, with her hand made pipe, and Patience.


Daddy and Uncle Marshall.

Ben displays his crawdad.


The creek was a big hit, of course!

Grace eats a jacket.

Katie and her big buddy.


Quite awhile before that we went to a coal mine and got a tour. Everyone was impressed by the big trucks.

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