Monday, October 18, 2010

I love boats. Which is good, because we spent all of yesterday in one. We went to Tennesee this weekend with Aunt Audrey and Company. Apart from renting two pontoon boats on Sunday and spending all day in them, we managed to catch absolutaly NO fish, and it wasn't due to lack of trying. Oh well, fish must be smarter than we think. =) I also got to taste my first persimmon, before it was ready. Anyone who has done this can relate to the taste. Yegch!

Fall is definitely here and most of the garden is gone until spring. I'm looking forward to snow etc. despite the blizzard we got last year. I certainly hope we don't get that again!

And then the strangest news: we sold our milk cow. A family near us wanted to start milking and so we sold Maggie to them. We still have a cow that we can start milking whenever we want, but right now we're excited about a break and demonstrated that by sleeping in as long as possible on Saturday, BECAUSE WE COULD.

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