Saturday, December 5, 2009


Hello all!

We had our Thansgiving break last week and we tried to spend it with both families, Mama's and Daddy's. We spent Thanksgiving day at Mama's parents' house. This is Granddaddy, thinking deeply over his coffee.

And below is Mama's brother's little boy, Jeb. He is the younger of two boys. He has an older brother named Nixon, who is just as cute. Don't you just love those big blue eyes?

Jeb got hungry.

Must not have tasted very good.

Jeb, with his mom, Amy.

And here is my mom. Love you!

Aunt Amy and Jeb.

Jeb escapes.

Hannah got bored, or curious.

You may have been wondering where Nixon went, well here he is, helping to work a puzzle. We couldn't get many pictures of him becouse he moves so fast. Particularly a certain region directly beneath the nose.

Finally, here is dinner. Delicious, as always.

Friday we left to go to see Daddy's family. Daddy's sister and parents were there and so we had a full house. There were three dogs all in one house. Nathan and Ben are playing with Sandy and Tasha.

Grandpapa with his funnies. :)

This is my cousin Anna and I playing war. She won by a long shot.


This is various reletives before our second Thanksgiving dinner.

Grandmama and Aunt Mary Kathryn.

Grandmama in her kitchen.

Daddy and Peter

Thank you God for my family!

Daddy and I are singing in a local chorale, Daddy didn't get downstairs in time for the picture. He would have been wearing a tux, and here's my dress. -Hannah

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