Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas to all!

Merry Christmas everyone, and thank you Father, for your ultimate gift of Jesus Christ.

We had a massive snow last week. We couldn't get many pictures because Mama couldn't get off the porch very well. I believe the grand total was 28 inches. Ben measured 33 in one of the drifts. We had lots of fun. And for the first time in years we had a very white Christmas.

Katie got a hiking backpack. She is thrilled because of the backpack. I am thrilled because we won't be fighting over the other one we have, next year at camp.

Ben got a basketball and a million legos. Literally.

Nathan's face mask.

And what did Hannah get? A new camera! Yes, so now I don't have to wait on Katie to supply pictures.

Ah yes, I nearly forgot, I got my hair cut last Tuesday. It was quite a shock to have all of it off, but I like it this way. It was getting heavy and kind of hard to take care of.

Katie and I made a gingerbread house this morning, we got a set from our cousins, along with matching aprons. Here is the final product.

Just kidding, this is the picture shown on the box it came in. Unfortunately, ours was not that perfect.
We begin.

The directions used these candy colors for their snowman, but the red eyes do look a little demonic don't you think?

We finally decided to switch colors with the eyes and buttons.

Behold, the American Taj Mahal! ( drum roll)

We had to cheat though, and hold our snowman up with toothpicks.

TADA!! We are very proud of our chimney, which managed to defy gravity all the way up to consumption.

Here is Katie with the finished product.

I thought the masterpiece needed ears. Don't you? It looks much better with ears.

And here are the Kitchen Queens. We are all alive and the house is still intact.

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