Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Oh my, it's been a month since I posted. I do have an excuse, though. We had a bit of computer issues so we were out of comission for awhile.
We haven't done a whole lot this fall besides school and soccer. Katie and Ben's soccer is over. They won nearly all their games, but three. They also got to play in a U16 tournament, which was alot of fun. Mainly because I got to play, too. I'm too old to play in the regular season but since this time they were playing against teams with older kids on it I got to play as well. It was a blast. I had forgotten a little bit over the summer how much I loved soccer, but this reminded me again. Anyhow,we had three games and lost two of them. We played really well, but when I said some of the kids were older, I meant seniors in high school. So we did play well for our age level.
Nathan's team is still undefeated and his team is going to the State finals in two weeks, yay Nathan! So we will be in Parkersburg soon.

I say we, but Daddy, Katie, and I are going to a Shakespeare prodution of Much Ado about Nothing. That should be funny. I read it recently and Beatrice is hilarious. Speaking of which, Daddy and I went to Macbeth this morning. I hope ther are no serious Shakespeare fanatics in our midst. I thought it was kinda weird. I like Shakespeare enough and the acting was excellent, but story lines that involve characters carrying around severed heads, well, I call that strange. Anyway, I'm looking forward to Much Ado much more.

Last week we had cousins in and we all went to see Monticello. It was gorgeous. All the leaves were turning and the veiw going down there was amazing. We weren't allowed to take pictures in the actual building but here is a shot of the front of the house. I thought it was funny how much pink was in the house. The guide said that back then they called it crimson and it was what rich people had, but it does take awhile to get used to magenta bedspreads in a man's room doesn't it? The gardens were huge and were probably very pretty last summer. They had nearly everything ever imaginable to plant planted there. I did think it was funny to note that they had never picked some of the fruit, and simply left it to rot on the tree. And yay, it was supposed to rain that day, but never did while we were outside.

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