Monday, April 27, 2009


Yes! We won our first soccer game yesterday afternoon. The score was 3-0. Katie scored one of the goals. She actually scored another two but they didn't count because there was a hand ball right before she scored. I didn't score any 'cause I play defense.

Sorry I haven't blogged. Our computer has been malfunctioning. All better now.

The Monday after Easter Aunt Mary Kathryn and three of her kids came to visit. We had blast. We blasted a few things too.

Our cow tripled the amount of milk she was giving. 3 quarts to 9. We're swimming in it.

One of our bottle lambs died. We think he had pneumonia.

It's been really hot lately. Mama just told me to get off the computer so I'll have to finish later. Adios!-Hannah

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