Wednesday, March 25, 2009


We've been doing a little bit of everything. We have a brother with a huge blue cast on his right arm, we had achievement tests 3 days last week, and this Mon. the homeschoolers had a tour of the fallout shelter that was built at the Greenbrier during the Cold War. We're bottle feeding 4 baby lambs, we've recieved seeds & are begining to plant our garden, & we have daffodills & crocuses blooming. Last night my indoor-soccer team played against the parents, very fun. Some of them were a little clueless, which made up for the size differences. Now it's raining. It has been really nice weather lately, though. In the 60's!( if you're from North Carolina or some such sweltering place that may not seem significant, but I think it's wonderful.)

I love spring!-KD

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  1. Your cousin Jenny Akins has goats and at one time they were feeding 12 baby goats - or some crazy number but they are starting to get out of the goat business. They had so many and they always sold the boy baby goats so they named them after $ Like Buck or Dollar and Bill... :) ? It always made me sad when they lost baby goats and sometimes the momma goat. But normally in the Spring we make our trek over to their home to see and hold the baby goats - it's so much fun! They show their goats around the state and have done very well. :)