Thursday, March 19, 2009

Whacky Week

We've had a very, what to call it, unpredictable week. The washing machine broke before our trip and by the second week of no washing machine things were getting smelly. No clean or reasonably sanitary clothes. We have a new one now. But now the dryer is broken. We have clothes draped over every door or chair in the bottom of the house. What's next? The iron?

The biggest thing this week happened on Friday night. We had soccer(indoor) practice at 8 pm. Mama dropped off Katie and Ben, and went to town to shop for a washing machine. When we got back she found out Ben had just fallen and broken his arm. They were in the emergency room until midnight and he had a splint put on his arm. The next morning he had to go to the hospital in Clifton Forge, VA for a doctor to set it because it was displaced. It was on his right arm, so he got out of doing some of his achievement tests that we took this week, at least for a little while.

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