Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy 50th!

At the end of August we had a 50th wedding anniversary for mama's family. The highlight of the evening was when Grandmother tried to push rain water off of the top of one of the tents we were using.

She prepares to push it off.

With good success, it just went the wrong way.

Uncle Ray.

Cousin Nixon got tired and since the couches were in use...

Nixon's brother, Jeb.

Aunt Marge.

Aunt Betty.

This is the wedding cake. Isn't it gorgeous?

Granddaddy and Grandmother. I love you!

This is all of the grand kids but one who was at a soccer tournament. Jeb, Katie, Hannah, Lettie, Grandmother, Granddaddy, James, Ben, Nathan, and Nixon.


This is Ben's poker face.

Katie and Jeb. He was fascinated with the camera.

It did rain, but it was fun anyhow. Mama and Aunt Audrey and Uncle Stuart worked about a year on it so it was a really big deal. And, of course, Mama had to ban us from playing cards, tag, soccer, football, and hide and seek and all other such related items.
The funniest bit was the slide show with pictures of our parents in diapers. Adios!-Hannah

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