Saturday, August 8, 2009

Out of the Silent Planet

I haven't had time most of the summer to blog but I'm here now. Mainly because of you Stephanie. So, lots of things have been going on, but mainly blueberry season. And that's almost over.

Awhile ago katie got a cut right over her lip and everyone thought it was chocolate so to cover it up she drew mouse whiskers and nose. Can you see which one is the cut?

And about a week ago our cousins came to visit. It was an absolute blast.

Some of the troup went swimming on Sunday. Mercy and Rachel at the park.

Group hug!!


We're a crazy bunch.
front row: Rachel, Kenny, Tammie
2nd row: Some weird kid off the street. Joking, it's Ben. Honor, Courage, Patrick, Mercy,
3rd row: Justice, Katie, Patience, Hannah, Nathan
back: Mark

Us, with Rachel and Patrick.

Baby Grace and Patience.



Ben at bat. Justice and Honor in back.

Uncle Mark
Kenny and Tammie.


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