Friday, June 5, 2009

I Blessed Someone

I had a little trouble with what to title this post. I'd thought about 'all gone' , 'cut off'', or 'Locks of Love', but I decided on 'I Blessed Someone ', because frankly, I did. I got 9 inches of my beautiful,dark brown, often complemented, much loved hair cut off & I gave it to Locks of Love. A lot of people I know would be mad at me for it, alot would love me for it, & even more would be so flabber-gasted thet they couldn't tell me how they felt. I like the hair cut,it took some getting used to, though. It still comes down to my mid back, so I don't have short hair, at least for normal people, but I'm not normal, & I think it's pretty short. If anyone likes the feeling of sacrificing, freely giving, of caring till it hurts, give your hair to Locks of Love. It's an organization that takes 8-10 in. of hair & makes into wigs for cancer patients. A friend of ours from our church saw my hair & hit the ceiling, seriously, I have never ever seen someone so surprised. She said no one can call me "horsey tale" any more (thank Goodness!). Anyway, those of you who loved my hair, please don't have a heart attack, I'll grow it back out in a matter of a few years.
We're going to Ridge Haven Camp this coming week, & we hoped to leave tomorow, but that may not happen because we cut down hay, but now it's rained for the last 3 days, so we may put it up Sat. or Sun., which means we can't leave for camp till it's done.............hay season, not my favorite time of year. Oh well.

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