Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Well, aside from lots of snow and some extreme cold, nothing much has been going on here, except for one major discomfort. Some time about two weeks ago we had a pipe near the bottom of the pump in our well get a hole in it, so we have been without water for two weeks. Which is, by the way, no fun. It took forever to get somebody to come with the equipment because of all the snow, and it was quite miserable. We got the first water last night, while most of the family was in town. Daddy said he and Ben spent all evening flushing the tiolets and watching water run down the drain. :) I forget how blessed we are to even have running water, electricity, etc. I can not imagine what it would be like to have to haul water all year long to do all of your laundry, dishes, and to bathe. Of course, being like this was nice in one sense that it got Mama thinking about Africa again, and so she told us more about that, where, guess what, they have no running water. Where she was anyway. But then again, they weren't in 21 degree weather either.

The boys basketball is winding down, and it looks like they might get to play in the championship game! I have tried multiple times to get pictures of them playing, but I have yet to succeed. And then right when basketball ends, the girls winter sport kicks in again, indoor soccer. :) It looks like we will have a really good team this year, and I'm so excited!

Ah yes, the big news, I really can't believe it, but my brother (Nathan) has randomly decided he wants to take bagpipe lessons. This idea came on a while ago, and his first lesson was last night. He loves it, which is good, and bagpipes are absolutaly awesome. I guess this means he will have to go to Covenant College.

Enjoy the winter everybody, and Happy Valentine's Day!

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